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Adventures Summaries Tolkien Moot XI

by Tolkien Moot Volunteer published Jul 13, 2015 06:25 PM, last modified Jul 14, 2015 03:20 PM
Here are the summaries of the adventures for Tolkien Moot XI...

A GIANT Problem! (Tabletop RPG)

Author(s): Drake & Hawke Robinson

Role-Playing Game System: All Middle-earth-related tabletop role-playing game systems.

Location(s): Arnor, Rhudaur, Trollshaws, Ettenmoors, western Misty Mountains, southern border of Angmar.

Time Period:   Early Spring Third Age 1640

Game Masters/Tables Running: Drake, Jacob, Russ


Synopsis:  The Heroic Player Characters will be asked to undertake the challenging task of stopping a huge giant from squashing local villages and farms. It is only through the combined use of the Heroes extraordinary skills that this mission might be accomplished. The characters are initially drawn to the small village by letters sent far and wide begging for help. The military is far away and hiding behind their walls in Fornost or on expeditions in lands far away, they are not willing to send forces for a small village that has no military or resource significance. As the Band of Heroes delve deeper, they find out there is not one giant to worry about, but THREE! Each with distinctive characteristics and dangers. This will lead the party farther north and east into increasingly perilous lands at the feet of the northern track of the Misty Mountains, and dangerously close to Angmar. They may find out they have become embroiled in a plan by none other than the Witch King himself!


Return to Dol Guldur (Tabletop RPG)

Author(s): Josh E. Wright

Role-Playing Game System(s): ICE MERP & Rolemaster

Location: Dol Guldur

Time Period: See synopsis.

Game Master/Tables Running: Josh


Synopsis: It has been over sixteen hundred years since Sauron lost his ring, Now rumors echo throughout the land that he has taken over Dol Guldur. You have been assembled by the council to investigate these rumors and return with news.  That was one month ago. Your party has traveled by horse back and then on foot. Slowly you scaled the mountain, and just yesterday, reached its summit. Before you lies the entrance and its being guarded by a giant...


One Giant Bounty (LARP)

Author(s): Ryan G. Allison

Role-Playing Game System: Amtgard Live-Action Role-Playing adapted to Middle-earth setting.

Location: Arnor, Middle-earth - Trollshaw, Ettenmoors.

Time Period:   Summer, Third Age 1640.

Game Masters/Tables Running: Ryan (outside)

Schedule: (LARP Orientation/training Saturday 1-2 pm, adventure is Sunday 9 am to Noon).

Location Information:

Synopsis:  A bounty has been placed on the heads of some giants. These giants have stolen a map. The victim would like the map back, and is willing to pay, and any other treasures the adventurers may encounter along the way...

A free-for-all-style campaign.