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Preparing for Tolkien Moot XIII

by Tolkien Moot Volunteer published Jan 28, 2017 05:45 PM, last modified Jan 28, 2017 06:40 PM
Things are under way in preparation for the 13th annual Tolkien Moot.

We are signing up game masters, preparing the forms for RSVP for players, arranging special guests, preparing the campaign, etc.

Tolkien Moot takes place each year on the third weekend of July. Pre-convention is Friday July 14th, the core convention is Saturday July 15th (doors open at 7:00 am, events begin at 8:00 am, and run until 10+ pm), and post-convention fun, Sunday July 16th.

Created/hosted by the Eä Tolkien Society, and official Smial of the U.K. Tolkien Society. This event is free and open to the public, but has limited seating. When the RSVP is available, seating fills up quickly, so keep checking back periodically so you don't miss out this year.

We broadcast the guest speakers and some special events live over the Internet, and sometimes have a game table streaming their game live, and leave those live recordings available on our Youtube channel for those that missed out.

The theme for Tolkien Moot XII is "In the Land of Mordor, Where the Shadows Lie", so the discussion and related theme topics include Mordor and all things "shadow". For the first time at TolkienMoot, the campaign is going to pick up where the previous year's campaign ended. This will not be a problem for new participants, as there will be plenty of back story covered to bring new players up to speed on the events in last year's Undead Themed Tolkien Moot Campaign: "Úfirala Melme" (Undying Love). The heroes will be travelling from Rohan and the surrounding environs, into the lands around Mordor, and actually attempting to sneak within to the prisoner dungeons of Barad-dûr itself! The heroes are keeping their vow (from the previous adventure) to attempt to save an elf believed to still be captive within.

We are currently accepting applications for additional Tolkien-knowledgeable Game Masters. Please note all GMs must pass a background check. If interested in applying as a GM for TolkienMoot, please send your gaming related resume to: tolkienmoot at gmail dot com, with the Subject: Tolkien Moot GM Application. Any game system adapted to Middle-earth will be considered, though the primary systems are:

  • The One Ring RPG by Cubicle 7
  • Adventures in Middle-earth, D&D 5th Edition, by Cubicle 7
  • Ea d20, D&D 3.5, by
  • Ea AD&D 1st Edition by
  • Middle-earth Role-Playing (MERP) by Iron Crown Enterprises (Rolemaster hybrids as well)

We're looking forward to seeing everyone at this year's moot.

Wherever you may be, be well, Namarie!




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