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RSVP Now Available for TolkienMoot XIV! (2018)

by Tolkien Moot Volunteer published Mar 28, 2017 04:25 AM, last modified Jul 09, 2018 09:28 AM
Tolkien Moot XIV takes place July 21st. The RSVP is now ready for everyone to begin signing up for this year's moot! Don't procrastinate, the seats fill up quickly! This year's theme is: "The Entwives"!


Once again sponsored by RPG Research and the Eä Tolkien Society, an official Smial of the U.K. Tolkien Society, Tolkien Moot has been running since 2005 (previously as MerpCon). A convention dedicated to J.R.R. Tolkien, his works, his peers, and his inspirations.

This year's convention theme is "The Entwives". Our discussion topics for this year's moot will include all things related to Ents & The Entwives. See our previous themes here: Tolkien Moot Themes, Photos, Videos, Audio, & General Archives.

We have had a wide variety of special guests and speakers. This year's guest speaker is published author and reknowned Tolkien essayist Michael Martinez! Here is a List of Previous Special Guests.

There will be Tolkien-inspired games, activities, scholarly and fan discussions, music, movies, food, friends, and fun! Tolkien Moot Acitivities

We have many Tolkien-inspired fan films, music, art, and more.

Of course we have a plethora of Tolkien-based games!

  • A vast array of Tolkien-based video games on PCs and consoles (PS/2, PS/4, Wii, and more). TolkienMoot Video Games
  • A broad number of Tolkien-based rolkien-playing games, board games, card games, and others.
  • List of Tolkien-based Games at TolkienMoot over the years.


And of course the Eä Tolkien Society will have their monthly meeting & live broadcast, with the guest speaker(s), discussing this year's theme topics.

We already have Game Masters running tables with different Tolkien-based tabletop role-playing game (RPG) systems:

  • Adventures in Middle-earth (D&D 5e d20 + TOR RPG - GM: John Welker (RPG Research)
  • The One Ring Role-Playing Game  - GM: Brian Huseland (Ea Tolkien Society)
  • Ea d20 3.5 (D&D 3.5 unofficial) - GM: (pending)
  • ICE MERP/RM - GM: (pending)
  • Decipher LotR RPG - GM: (pending)
  • Ea d20 1 (AD&D 1st Edition) - GM: (pending)

If you would like to help us grow our seating capacity, and help as a Game Master, please email tolkienmoot at gmail dot com, and/or complete your RSVP form and select "Game Master", and we will get you up to speed and provide the adventure module.

 A reminder that those wishing to participate in the RPG sessions must have a personal invite to participate, else you can request to be put on the wait list for an invitation.

See more information about:

We may also once again have a Middle-earth based Live-Action Role-playing (LARP), including boffer, questing, and/or Role-playing.

We hope you will join us! If you can't make it in-person, then join our live online streams on our youtube channel as we stream 1+ tables to follow along watching the adventure!



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